At ReBalance in New York City, our physicians get outstanding results by taking a comprehensive approach as part of our ReBalance Frozen Shoulder Recovery Program, which addresses every facet of your frozen shoulder.


What to Know about Frozen Shoulder. Shoulder pain is one of the most common causes of musculoskeletal disability among adults in the U.S. And frozen shoulder or AC is one of a multitude of conditions that can cause shoulder pain and dysfunction. It’s a painful, disabling condition that’s difficult to diagnose and slow to heal. So take our Self-Diagnostic Test above and let the physicians at ReBalance put their frozen shoulder expertise to work for you.


Your shoulders are the most open ball-and-socket joint in your body. While this anatomy allows you freedom of movement, it also leaves the joint susceptible to shoulder injuries, adhesive capsulitis, shoulder tendonitis and rotator cuff tears. If pain in your shoulder joints is causing you discomfort, come in to our Manhattan office for shoulder pain evaluation and revolutionary non-surgical operation, treatment and regeneration program.


Even though the ReBalance Frozen Shoulder Recovery Program is highly successful and much more advanced than most of other treatments you have tried in the past, it’s still not for everyone. To achieve the highest success rate possible we prequalify all our patients to ensure that you have the highest probability of success.