A vibrant community on the banks of the Raritan River, Sayreville is a truly unique town with a history spanning tens of thousands of years. The site of many a paleontological expedition, Sayreville was once home to Deinosuchus, a forty foot crocodile which lived and hunted in the area during the Cretaceous Period. Less terrifyingly, the oldest bird fossil yet uncovered in North America was found here, a partial feather encased in amber. Sayreville’s first human residents were the Lenape. Hunting along and around the Navesink, the Lenape lived on the banks of the South River, cultivating corn, potatoes and squash in the rich soil which would come to define the Garden State. Sayreville was not discovered by Europeans until 1656, when Dutch surveyor Adriaen van der Donck noted the vast population of indigenous peoples living here. The Dutch, with their limited involvement in North America, were content to leave the Lenape alone. It was not until the British takeover of New Netherland in 1664 that Sayreville was settled by Europeans. Notable early residents include the extended family of infamous pirate Henry Morgan, who opened the historic Morgan Inn in 1703. It was the Inn where loyalist Abe Mussey would be tried as a spy during the Revolutionary War, Mussey having worked covertly as a signaler for British ships in the Raritan Bay. In 1898, a gunpowder plant was built in Sayreville which, in 1918, exploded. The initial explosion, itself limited, triggered a three day long series of explosions as bullets, shells and TNT caught fire and exploded, triggering yet more explosions and forcing thousands in Sayreville, South Amboy and Old Bridge to evacuate.

Sayreville today is a rolling collage of quaint suburbs and dense forestry. Explore Cheesequake State Park, relax at Raritan Bay Waterfront Park or rock out at the Starland Ballroom. Neighboring Old Bridge, Perth Amboy and Metuchen, less than an hour’s drive to New York City, one needn’t venture out far for even more dining, shopping and entertainment options. Scenic and centrally located, come home to Sayreville.

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