A vast, forested expanse veined by creeks and wetland, Old Bridge is large and outspread Bayshore community, lovingly dotted with its historic neighborhoods and commercial centers. Home originally to the Lenape, those first inhabitants to Old Bridge were known as the Unami, meaning “people down the river.” Like so many today, they would migrate to the Raritan Bay from their hunting grounds up north and make camp in and around Old Bridge for the summer. Few Europeans settled here until 1684 following the British takeover of New Amsterdam, with the first major settlement in Old Bridge being founded in 1737 by John and Susannah Brown. With a grant from the King of England for over one thousand acres of fertile ground, the Browns took to farming, which attracted yet more growers, ranchers, laborers and proprietors. As shops and homesteads began to cluster, this new community was Christened Brownsville in honor of their founders. Brownsville stands today as Browntown, a vital hub in the heart of town. Laurence Harbor, the waterfront community at the head of Old Bridge too saw early development, with industrial goods like paper and gunpowder being produced along the waterfront before being shipped by ferry to industrial centers like New York and Philadelphia. Today, Old Bridge has sprouted into a cozy yet outspread collection of neighborhoods, a pillar of the Bayshore, it’s first two towns having created branching neighborhoods and communities. Trek through scenic Cheesequake State Park or take in the beauty of the Stone Museum and art gallery. Enjoy a panoramic view of the Bayshore and New York City from Laurence Harbor Beach and the Old Bridge Waterfront or grab the kids and take a trip through history at Monmouth Battlefield State Park, the site of the legendary Battle of Monmouth of 1778. Less than an hour’s drive to New York City and only minutes from Keyport, Perth Amboy and Manalapan, one needn’t venture out far for even more shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities. Centrally located and with one of the highest rated school districts in the county, come home to Old Bridge.

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