Once home to the Lenape, Marlboro is a lush outcropping in the center of Monmouth County, richly blessed in only the way the Garden State can be. Named for the town’s rich deposits of marl, a natural fertilizer which Jersey farmers utilized extensively throughout the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Marlboro was originally a small collection of hamlets before the fateful discovery of several marl pits in 1768. After the finding, agriculture and the exportation of marl put the town on the map, building the small colonial villages into robust, semi-industrial settlements. During the Revolutionary War, Marlboro was the site of several clashes between British and revolutionary forces in the months following the Battle of Monmouth. With their forces scattered, those remaining British troops in the area frequently resorted to raiding the countryside for food and supplies. Local militias fought back however, engaging in sporadic guerilla campaigns that continued until the British were entirely driven from Monmouth County. The local farmers vicious hit-and-run tactics earned Marlboro the nickname “the Hornet’s Nest.” In 1848, Marlboro was official incorporated as a township and, by the twentieth century, the town had become the nation’s largest producer of potatoes. Still a rural community, Marlboro bloomed into what it is today only following WWII, as renewed investment in the town’s infrastructure transformed farmland into neighborhoods. By the 1970s, commuters working in New York City began filling out the town, expanding the suburban sprawl. This suburbanization slowed around the dawn of the new millennium, as large, luxurious estate homes became the new hot development.

Today, Marlboro is a charming and verdant residential town in the heart of Monmouth County. Take a stroll through history at Monmouth Battlefield State Park or enjoy the many scrumptious offerings available at Delicious Orchards. Neighboring Old Bridge, Manalapan, Freehold and Holmdel, only minutes from Middletown and Red Bank, one needn’t venture out far for endless shopping, dining and entertainment options. Centrally located and with a top-rated school system, come settle in Marlboro.

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