When you’re buying a home, you want to make sure everything is “perfect.” Before you even put an offer on a home, you usually scope out the neighborhood to make sure it’s safe. You may also want to get to know your neighbors first as well.

Having good neighbors can really make or break your decision when buying a home. No one wants to live next door to someone who is constantly arguing with everyone over something silly.

However, if you want good neighbors, you’ll first have to become one yourself! Here are a few tips to help get you started.

Stop Over With a Plate of Goodies
Whether it’s cookie, brownies, maybe something a little healthier like a fruit platter, food is always the way to someone’s heart. Especially if you are the newbie in town, this is a great way to break the ice. It also shows your neighbors that you are thinking of them.

Keep The Gossip to Yourself
Everyone has a tendency to gossip from time to time. However, gossiping really isn’t the best thing when you are trying to win over your entire neighborhood. And there always seems to be that one neighbor that has the dirt on everyone. You aren’t in high school anymore, so preserve relationships with your neighbors and avoid the gratuitous gabfests.

Offer Help Before You Are Asked
This is just common courtesy in my own opinion. If you see a neighbor struggling with something, offer a helping hand. You’ll want the same in return down the line, trust me.

Keep Your Yard NEAT
Good neighbors, no GREAT neighbors, keep their yards and home neat and preserved. Having the one neighbor who lets their grass grow higher than their fence gives the entire block a bad name. DON’T be that neighbor.

Share Phone Numbers
You never know when you’re going to need it! As someone who went through Superstorm Sandy, it was extremely helpful to have our neighbors numbers on hand. Aside from that, what if a package is delivered to your home that was meant for someone else or vice-versa? Now, you have their number handy and ready to go. It also helps if you have little kids and they have older children who may be up for babysitting that way you can enjoy the occasional date night.