5 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom More Spacious

Small bathrooms aren’t the easiest to work with, especially if it’s your only bathroom and you’re sharing it with one or more people. They’re usually lacking natural lighting and the layout itself isn’t always the best. Whether it’s your spare room (powder room) or your apartment bathroom that is cramping your style, there are ways to make it look bigger without having to do any type of demolition. Brighten Up The Place Try to bring in as much light and color as you can. A bright room always feels more spacious. If you can, paint the walls a new color! Or maybe just the cabinets if that’s a bit easier. If you have a window in your bathroom, utilize it to provide natural lighting. Choose a Light Floor Even if your walls are light, having a dark floor will throw it all off. If you keep your floors light, it will create a bright, open atmosphere. Mirror, Mirror on The Wall This is one of my favorite ways to make a small space look more open. The larger the mirror, …
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