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As the world is moving forward day by day, so should you. Even if you feel lazy and do not want to do it, well we are here to give you a very good reason you should jump on the technology bandwagon. As technology improves, it makes it more accessible and affordable. Smart Home Devices or upgrades in your home won’t only make your home more convenient, comfortable and efficient but these affordable upgrades would drastically increase the value of your home if you consider selling your home.

Millenials consist a great portion of the present real estate market and it would be very unwise to ignore them. Here is a list of some smart home devices or products to make your home more convenient and bump its price.

Smart Door lock: Upgrading to a smart door lock gives you the convenience of never having to carry keys around or hiding a spare somewhere where all your neighbors and thieves know where to check. Smart door locks can use WIFI and/or Bluetooth to connect to your phone and know when you are around and automatically unlock the door. They can be programmed to allow access to whosoever you want to allow access to whosoever you want, so you do not need to be around each time the real estate agent, a friend or family member needs to get into your house.

Smart Vents: Smart vents can be customized to regulate individual room temperatures, so no one is too hot or too cold. They greatly save energy by room zoning. You can easily control how much air reaches each area in your home, so if no one is in the guest room, for example, there would be no need to cool or heat up the room and the smart vent would not send any cold or hot air to this room, thereby saving you energy.

Smart Sprinkler Control: If you live in an area where you need to constantly water your lawn or garden, a smart sprinkler system would save you a lot of money and hassle. They can be programmed to account for the season and weather. These systems can save a lot of water usage and therefore reducing your bills.

Smart Lighting: Smart lighting systems can make you easily turn lights off or on using your phone or computer. They can be programmed to switch off automatically when you are not in an area or when you leave home. These sensors can act as security as they have motion sensors and can automatically switch on when someone is approaching your home to scare them off.

Smart Solar Panels: Solar technology is renewable and a clean way to power your home. Solar Panels can save up to $2000 yearly on your utility bills and are estimated to increase the value of your home by at least $15,000.

Each and every item on this list range in the resale value they add to your home, but they definitely add extra value than what you originally paid for and would carry a certain appeal to buyers that other homes in the same locale would not have. I mean who would not love to live in a smart home where they could just come home and the door is unlocked, the lights turn on automatically and at the end of the month, they end up paying a cheaper bill than they previously paid?