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The team at  Workers Compensation Insurance has decades of experience in the insurance field and can provide you with the insurance you need for your business. We know how important it is for you to remain compliant and meet the laws set forth for insurance coverage of your business. Before you start to panic and worry about what may lie ahead, our team is ready to work with you. We specialize in all types of workers’ compensation insurance  and would love to speak with you.

You may think that your company does NOT need workers’ comp insurance, but the trust is, you do. There are laws within the state of NY that say you need to carry the insurance and this means that if you do not have the coverage needed when an accident or death occurs, you will be liable for the expenses incurred.

Workers’ compensation insurance can help to provide a blanket of protection to your business in the event that you are sued. Actually, not having workers compensation insurance can cost you – at a minimum, you can look to shell out $1,000. On the higher end, you might be looking at $5,000. It’s just not worth not having it.

Many businesses do not understand what workers’ comp means and they simply either purchase it and never comply with what needs to be done or they do not purchase it and think that it is optional. It is important for you to know that it is not optional for most businesses and you need to carry it.

This insurance policy does not cover everything that may occur in your business and only provides protection in the event of illness or injury that is sustained as a result of the job or duties performed.

Some of the most common claims made include that caused by lifting items that are too heavy, slipping on a surface that is oily or wet, and sustaining injuries due to fires, floods, etc.

It is important to work with an insurance company that truly wants to meet your needs and that is something that our company can provide you with. Our team is dedicated to superior service and providing you with the insurance options, you need to improve the efficiency and protection of your business.


All of our specialists are ready to provide you with a no hassle quote for service and help assist you through any claims process that you may need to file. When you have a claim, we will represent you and your company. This means that we will carefully investigate the entire claim for validity and then report back to you with the findings. For great rates, immediate quotes and same day coverage, call us!



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