We are Sump Pump Repair Long Island, and we can fix any sump pump problem in the area. We also offer competitive sump pump installation prices. If you have experienced basement flooding problems and you don’t already have a way to remove water, our sump pump installation costs are worth the investment.


Why Do You Need a Working Sump Pump?

We are from Long Island, so we understand how the weather here can cause problems for homeowners like you. We all have to deal with heavy rains and melting snow here, and excess water from these storms can easily flow into local basements.

If you don’t have a sump pump to remove this water, it can cause costly damage. Even a little water can cause mold to grow. Repairing mold damage is also very expensive, so our sump pump installation costs and sump pump repair costs are a good preventative investment.


Sump Pump Installation
Your home is prone to water damage if you live on a floodplain or in an area with a high water table. If you don’t already have a sump pump, we will help you. We will come to your home and dig a sump pit in the lowest part of your basement. After we dig, we will install a sump pump in the pit and run a sump discharge pipe so that flood waters will exit your basement.

We know which kind of sump pump is right for your home, and we will install it the right way. A properly installed sump pump will save you money on long term sump pump repair costs. This makes our sump pump installation prices worth every penny.


Sump Pump Maintenance
Water damage close to your sump pump means that there is a problem. Give us a call right away whenever you notice this. One of our repairs experts will inspect your sump pump and fix anything that is wrong with it. Common sump pump problems include clogged filters and electrical issues. We can complete any sump pump repair on Long Island.

Your pump may also be too small for your needs. If your sump pump is the wrong size, or if it is broken beyond repair, we will replace it.


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Here at Sump Pump Repair Long Island, we employ the region’s leading sump pump installation, repair, and replacement experts. To find out more about our sump pump installation prices and sump pump repair prices, please go to our site and fill out the form. We will give you a free estimate for your project.

If you have any other questions about our services, please contact us.


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