Stairbuilders Long Island is a leading stair and handrail builder. As a leading stair builder in Long Island, we specialize in custom jobs in a variety of formats. We work in all areas of residential, retail and commercial. At Stairbuilders Long Island, since every job is a custom job, we treat it with the care and attention that each masterpiece we create deserves. Your satisfaction is what gives us our satisfaction. At Stair Builders Long Island, we provide a high level of service throughout the entire project. As a fully licensed and insured stair builder in Long Island, we clean along the way instead of living a mess to bring away from the project that we have just finished for you.
We design, build, and install custom stair cases, and handrails for both commercial and residential projects throughout Long Island. We work with wood, glass, stone, steel, cables, or any other materials you prefer for your project. We work closely with homeowners, interior designers, contractors, architects, and builders throughout Long Island to produce stunning custom stair case and handrail designs, no matter what style or design is preferred. If you are thinking about having new stairs installed, or designed, then we can offer you exactly what you want, and at competitive prices. Whether your home is a tract home, custom or remodeled, we can provide you with high levels of service and superior craftsmanship. We work with a variety of woods, and always use high-quality materials- we aim to make the design and installation process as simple and as smooth as possible.


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