Hi there I’m Corinne Kaas, Welcome to Harmonizing Homes.

I hope you will enjoy our blogs and pictures of our various projects . We love what we do and hope that you will enjoy viewing our work. We have a great team here at Harmonizing Homes.. Some one once asked me to describe Harmonizing Homes in three (3) words it would have to be


What makes us unique is that we understand our clients concerns and honor them

We decorate on their specified budget

We understand the psychology of letting go

We believe that each home has its own character – ready to be enhanced through a tasteful display of furnishings, accessories, and creative use of textures and color. We customize each home while targeting the lifestyle, tastes and needs of our clients and potential home buyers. Our staged homes go fast and for top dollar. Our staging makes potential home buyers really want to live in your home.

Our Re-design services are a perfect solution for homeowners who want a full makeover or just want to refresh their current home using their existing furnishings. Our experts are able to provide our clients with immediate advice for changes that they can make themselves, or we can be there every step of the way to help make their home one they always dreamed of.

Harmonizing Homes also customizes painted kitchen cabinets and furniture with a unique artisan finish using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and finishing.

Why is staging a home so important? Staging is a production, and I become the director. The house is being staged to look like a model home: cozy, comfortable, colorful and inviting, with a personalized look to make it stand out from the rest of the other houses on the market. Our staged homes sell fast and for top dollar.

We create an ambiance that portrays a life style that a buyer really likes…They immediately imagine themselves relaxing in the yard, cooking in the kitchen and entertaining their family and friends.I want the prospective buyers to leave with a positive impression created by properly placed furniture, color-coordinated accessories, beautiful rich linens and table settings — everything evoking a cozy, inviting feeling which makes a lasting impression.
Staging goes beyond repainting and cleaning; staging a house takes it to the next level by making it look bigger, brighter, cleaner, and accentuating the positive aspects of the property. It’s all about creating an inviting space to inspire buyers.

Look at your home critically. What’s the best feature of each room? How can you best accentuate that feature? What kind of feeling should buyers experience when they walk in, and how can you create that feeling?

When we work with you to stage a house, we will transition your home into a desired commodity. We will guide you through the process of decluttering, hide, move, toss, rearrange, repair, replace, and stage.