Whenever we discard and unwanted item-whether it’s an old piece of furniture, a piece of cookware or anything else-we tend not to think of this items continued potential beyond the scrap heap. What if, however, the used household items we throw away every day can make a profound difference in someone’s life and give them opportunities they would never have otherwise had? Furniture Donation NY is committed to giving your used furniture and household items a second life. Call us today at 646-687-7177 to find out how donating your unwanted furniture and household items can improve the quality of life of those in need.

Furniture Donation NY leverages the value of your unwanted furniture and household items to promote education, improving the lives of disadvantaged youth and help refugees and struggling families who have been impacted by financial hardship. Our mission is to restore dignity in hope to those in need, and your used household items can help us achieve that mission. Instead of simply throwing your used furniture away, call Furniture Donation NY today so we can take it off your hands and continue to make a real difference in people’s lives. You’d be very surprised at how much your donation will help. Call us now.


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