Known around the world for 50 years as one of the most elite dealers

in antique and vintage carpets, Doris Leslie Blau also offers a wide

variety of new carpets and new area rugs. Some of the new rugs that we

produce are inspired by antique carpets and feature timeless designs.



Other rugs are inspired by vintage rugs or works of art but are

executed with a more modern twist, either in design or color palette.

Many of our new custom rugs were created by top designers and

architects exclusively for the Doris Leslie Blau Gallery. The perfect

complement to any home, new rugs, in either modern or traditional

design, are always in style.  As the current market leader, we have

been a major supplier of new rugs for nearly a decade. Within this

segment we have focused on offering our clientele the most beautiful

and comprehensive selection of unique and eco-friendly rug options.

Whether you are seeking a vibrant area rug to be the focal point of

your room, or a subtle allover rug to play a supporting role in a

design scheme, we are confident that we can help you find the perfect

rug to meet your needs and desires.



Whether an Italian-garden inspired pattern, a novel interpretation of

an 18th century design, a sophisticated modern design, or a playful

interpretation to match a quirky color scheme, we are confident in our

ability to find the rug to complete the personality of your room.