A leading garage door company does more than the competition, much more, to ensure it leads the pack. Clearwater FL Garage Door wants to be that leader in the Clearwater Florida area; and the only way we can do that is by offering unbeatable prices and stellar customer service to not only ever resident of our area, but every business as well. With technicians who specialize in industry standard doors, commercially graded doors, as well as small residential doors, Clearwater FL Garage Door has the staff of experts with the knowledge to get any job done right the first time.

Clearwater FL Garage Door has aided more small-businesses owners than any other service center around in getting their loading bays, tilt-up doors, and carriage house doors installed at far less the cost than our competition. We are so sure of every installation we do that Clearwater FL Garage Door offers a 30 Day Free Return Visit to every job site we work on. One of our technicians can even offer a full assessment during one of our Free On-site Consultations of your business’s needs and recommend a door to fit any budget. Prices quoted by Clearwater FL Garage Door techs are good for 30 days, guaranteed, just to prove we are in business to save you money on every job. 1-3 days is all we need once parts come in to assemble and install any type and style of door in the industry.