Special recommendations
Meridian Massage (60 min)
This form of massage treatment focuses on the body’s meridians, the blood vessels, and lymphatic system. The Meridian Massage stimulates the elimination of bodily toxins throughout internal organs related to the body’s meridians. Stimulating the lymph system improves the body’s natural immune system to purify the circulatory system. Regular grooming of the meridian can maintain and even improve your health. Please see our in-depth article Meridian Massage for more details.
Cupping Treatment (15 min)
Cupping is the use of heat pressure applying suction to the skin, resulting in clearing the meridians, directing pressure to blood circulation, reducing swelling and pain in specific regions, and adjusting the body’s Yin and Yang balance. The treatment may form temporary bruises where the suction is applied which take approximately a week to disappear.
Aromatherapy Facial Treatment (60 min)
This treatment protocol primarily offers stress reduction, pain
relief, and tension reduction in soft tissues. All of these can
be done because aromatherapy facial treatments were designed to
stimulate circulation of blood and lymph fluids. Through our
experienced aromatherapist, this facial treatment can help
women experiencing menopause or any individual struggling with stressful life situations to achieve
an absolute relaxing moment.