Technology is advancing at a lightning pace. Data is available on a scale never before seen. The popularity of basketball continues to rise and the need to leverage data as a competitive advantage is at an all-time high. With change being a constant, teams that surface to the top are the teams that are able to absorb the information coming in, translate it to meaningful information, make quick, informed decisions and yield constant, quantifiable improvements. Agile Basketball Solutions helps basketball programs improve player IQ, measure value, increase team synergy and achieve team goals.

Agile Basketball Solutions provides the people, framework and systems that elite basketball teams need in order to translate data and analytics into results on the court.

Agile Basketball Solutions is owned by Victor Holman, the creator of the revolutionary Agile Basketball Framework and offers solutions for teams of all levels.

Our mission is to become the worldwide approach for teaching youth how to understand stats and analytics, to create value and to play with synergy.


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