A to Z Wireless was born from our love of electronics. We started as a small computer repair shop in Houston, Texas in 2005. At the dawn of the smart phone era we were very intrigued and excited about the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. As we learned and evolved with the industry, we started fixing and providing phone repair services to our local community as soon as we could. After moving to California in 2014 we founded A to Z Wireless with the same passion as we had when we were fixing computers. When we moved to the US we had decided to make the career out of something that had been our hobby of ours for years: Electronics. We began to setup a business and create the new strategy. we worked day in and day out and helped thousands of people over the course of our first few months and then we decided to grow our business and our network of certified technicians.
Even with its tremendous success, A to Z Wireless remains a small tech company. We currently operate in the greater San Jose Area and our aim is to save more peoples days and phones.