Experienced and Trained Water Damage Crews in Queens. Each one of the

techs that we employ is licensed, insured, and trained to provide you

with the best services. We can handle any situation that is placed in

front of us and we continue to have our techs train and continue their

education so that there is never a situation that is unfamiliar to



We have the tools, experience, and know how to evaluate, inspect, and

remove all water and mold from your home.


It is not only a stressful experience when your home floods, but it is

one that can cause you to have to put out a lot of money as well. Our

team has worked hard to make sure our prices are as low as possible,

so that you do not have to stress about anything else.


If you have homeowner’s insurance, we will work closely with you to

see what your coverage limits are, and we will work within them and

help you file the proper claim with the insurance company.


If you would like to learn more about our services or you would like

to schedule a free consultation, now is the time to call 24 Hour

Emergency Water Damage Restoration.