Buying a home isn’t just about the house itself; it’s also about the community. Finding a community that fits is a vital part of living well. HomesIn wants to connect all potential homebuyers with the best their new community has to offer. Instead of being overloaded with options, and pressured by choices from all sides, HomesIn provides a single real estate agent for each town to their clients, hoping to bring together potential buyers and sellers in the very best way possible.

What is HomesIn?

HomesIn is a community of websites designed to bring community marketing together with real estate. As an online, community marketing system, HomesIn helps to connect buyers and sellers with a real estate agent that know the ins and outs of their community. With one exclusive agent or team per town, HomesIn strives to make the experience of home buying and selling community oriented.

By connecting HomesIn with community websites, customers can easily find new listings alongside business promotions in the area. In turn, this helps generate even more leads for the real estate agents, helping them to further assist their community.

Quick Facts:

  • HomesIn community websites are designed for one exclusive agent or team—including exclusive mortgage, title and insurance partners.
  • HomesIn uses social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to provide information on new listings, business promotions, and more.
  • Local businesses take part in the networking to generate revenue on both sides.
  • HomesIn has designated sites for all kinds of homes, from historic waterfront to rentals, new homes, and more.
  • HomesIn provide information such as home value reports, list of foreclosure, rent to own programs, and grant or financing programs available in the area.

Why Choose HomesIn?

HomesIn hopes to provide as many listings as possible, striving to be the largest MLS on the web.

By providing a business directory to help connect potential new members of each community with businesses and local activities, HomesIn and its real estate agents work to provide personal connections for homebuyers.

The goal of HomesIn realtors is to connect new buyers to their new community. Acting as reporters for the community itself, they know what is going on, where and when, and through the HomesIn sites can help buyers find everything they’re looking for—all in one place.

Community Benefits

By choosing HomesIn, realtors and consumers alike can give back to their community. Realtors network with local businesses to generate revenue in all areas. They know about businesses like coffee shops, dry cleaners and day care centers near the listings, and can connect the buyer with such places. They know about the activities that are happening in the community, and their HomesIn sites also give buyers access to other community pages.

Through HomesIn, community members can find information related to their local fire departments, doctors, restaurants, and even school activities. In turn, these businesses can connect to the consumer, and let them know of deals in their area and when community activities are happening.

Choosing non-real estate company websites such as HomesIn over agent or company websites will generate more leads and listings for customers. Community websites generate revenue right back into the town—while helping new buyers find a good home in just the right neighborhood.

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