HomesIn announces the launch of their first business directory. The directory will have a listing of all businesses by name and category. It will be a “must-have” reference and contain a comprehensive community profile, demographic overview, local facts, figures and history, as well as other relevant information. The directory will be a tool for those who live and work in the area, as well as those moving into the area. The directory is accessible through

The directory is linked to thousands of real estate portals. All business listings will be free, but there are opportunities for paid advertising. Businesses can pay $10 a month for a featured ad to be present for their business. The directory fulfills a long-standing need for a listing of local small businesses and services. If there is a business that is not currently a member of the directory, welcomes you to join and ensure your business will be listed. The goal of the directory is to promote local business networking and help build a stronger community.

SurfYourTown provides numerous domains where businesses can advertise their products, services, events, and promotions directly to their community for free. The domains include,,,,,,,,,, and With new neighbor first, we provide local business with timely and accurate information available about the new neighbors. is a URL-protected, town-specific network of websites which enable Real Estate Town Advocates to continually advance the lifestyles, real estate values, and civic and community services of the community they serve. Town websites include property listings, area information, school reports, and title closing services, mortgage rates, insurance and local business links. HomesIn selects individuals who are able to distinguish between marketing to the community versus marketing for the community. This is because everybody in a Community can contribute to the overall fabric of the Community but there’s only one person in Town who can best market the Community’s overall lifestyle value and these are the caliber of Real Estate Professionals that Towns and Cities will enthusiastically embrace and increasingly turn to.