There are many stories as to how Little Silver got its name. Some say the name was given by the first settlers who found inspiration looking out at the Shrewsbury River and its outspread creeks, their calm waters reflecting almost silver in the sun; others say the land was given the name after being purchased from the Lenape for only a meager sum of silver bullion. What’s certain is that the gentle roll of Little Silver remains as peaceful now as it was in 1667 when it was first settled. By the nineteenth century, Little Silver was primarily an agriculture town, speckled with farms, woods and saltwater marshes growing from the side of its creeks and ponds. Never a particularly large community, the opening of John T. Lovett’s famous nursery and flower garden earned Little Silver a regional reputation for its natural beauty, the softness of its lush greens a testament to the cornucopian splendor of the Garden State. Vacation homes and hotels began popping up across the town, especially along the scenic Little Silver Point peninsula. In 1890, new docks allowed for increased boat traffic to Little Silver, expanding summer tourism even further. By 1923, Little Silver had finally separated from Shrewsbury Township and formed its own borough. Most of the farms by then had long been replaced by houses, hotels and shops, a trend that would continue in the decades that followed.

Today, Little Silver is a quiet residential town on the fringes of the Jersey Shore. No longer a farming community, evidence of its past lay scattered around the town, underneath the shady oak trees residing in Sickles Park and on the rustic columns of the historic Parker Farmstead. Cruise on through and view the gorgeous, colonial abodes which line Church Street or turn down Prospect Avenue for a night on the town. Enjoy any number of Little Silver’s delightful eateries or bring some locally made treats home with you from Sickles Market. Little Silver neighbors Rumson and Red Bank and is only minutes from Long Branch, Sea Bright and Middletown. Centrally located and with award winning schools, come see why so many have found their place in Little Silver. 800-405-3914