A verdant expanse of soft grass and fluffed trees enveloped by Deal Lake, Interlaken was purchased from the Lenape in 1667 by Monmouth County Court Clerk Gavin Drummond. The land was initially intended to be a part of the vast Shrewsbury Township but seceded in 1849. In 1888, Dr. Francis Weld and his wife Fannie fell in love with the area, moving from their hometown of Boston to develop and live in this marvelous stretch of land which they named Interlaken Farm, named after a similarly peninsular town in Switzerland. Two years later, Dr. Weld founded the Interlaken Land Company to convert his massive 364 acre farm into an exclusive and idyllic neighborhood he had meticulously planned over the course of his first two years living in Interlaken. With streets named for English lakes and Scottish islands, his grand vision failed to consider the then extremely restrictive building codes. The Interlaken Land Company disbanded anticlimactically after only a few years, with the land eventually passing to the Stormfelz-Lovely-Neville Company. Under new management, Weld’s vision was reformed and finally carried out beginning in 1905. This new community, with its shaded homes and stately stone gates proved even more gorgeous than anyone could’ve imagined. A number of artists, writers and musicians would go on to find inspiration in Interlaken’s tranquility, storying the halls of its historic homes. Interlaken was reincorporated as borough in 1922 and has since remained entirely residential, exactly as its founders intended.

Interlaken today is as beautiful as ever, a peaceful community of homeowners each enjoying their respective elbowroom. Neighboring Deal, Ocean Township and Asbury Park, only minutes from Long Branch and Avon-By-The-Sea, one needn’t venture out far for shopping, dining and entertainment. Fish, swim or sail along the shimmering Deal Lake or simply take a stroll through Interlaken Park. Centrally located and as bountiful as Eden, come home to Interlaken.

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