With Autumn quickly approaching, Halloween, Pumpkin Pie, and Thanksgiving don’t seem that far out of reach, but while you’re busy focusing on what foods to serve on turkey day, have you ever stopped to think about what to plant in your yard? Ideally, Spring is known as the perfect planting season, but I’m here to tell you that fall foliage is truly where it’s at. Not only does the decrease in temperature create a more comfortable planting environment for the avid gardener, but in September and October, before winter creeps in, the soil is at an ideal tepid temperature that is absolutely perfect for root development! Forget the football games for a day, and spend the next Saturday with shovel and hoe in hand cultivating a beautiful autumn inspired yard.

Fall foliage is all about a plant’s ability to thrive and prevail once the winter winds settle in., so perennial vegetables, trees, shrubs, and greens are ideal fall plants to make it through the winter months!

Veggies, Veggies, Veggies!

Impress your mother-in-law at Thanksgiving with a twist on the class vegetable tray, by adding your own homegrown veggies!  Autumn and Winter are the perfect months to plant staples such as carrots, lettuce, kale, spinach, cauliflower, parsley, cabbage, broccoli, and pumpkins! Just imagine getting to skip the overpriced pumpkin patch trips in exchange for carving contests in your backyard!

Spook up Your Yard with Some Spider Lilies!

The bright red Spider Lily (Lycoris radiata), blooms beautifully in the fall months, continues into the winter, and then disappears right before the new spring crop. Standing anywhere between 18-30 inches tall, and are sure to bring color and attention to any garden.  For a bonus, the flower has bright red petals with long stamens that resemble spider legs (Just in time for Halloween!).

Have a Moss Makeover.

Have an especially dead spot in your yard that just doesn’t seem to grow anything? Try transplanting some moss for a guaranteed spot that will stay green all throughout the winter. The best part about moss, is that it will grow anywhere and requires no mowing, fertilizing, or watering!

Maple Madness!

Need some quintessential fall color that won’t take over your yard? The Japanese Maple is the perfect small shrub that produces a beautiful deep red color. Japanese Maple, and similar Gingko and Redbud Trees,  thrive in most all areas on the country and are sure to catch the eye of neighbors!

Who Says Fall Flowers Aren’t a Thing?

Tired of seeing all your flowers bite the dust before December? Try the new strain of pansies that can survive below-zero temperatures with little damage! Plentifall Pansies are trailing pansies that thrive best when planted in solid sweeps among the ground or in cascading containers. Either way, these beautiful flowers will bloom for you  fall through spring!

Although trees and plants all around you seem to be dying, Fall does not have to be the season of destruction. The key to having a happy and healthy yard during the autumn and winter seasons, is to find plants that thrive in the harsher conditions of the later months. Just think about how much better your carrots and cabbage will taste at Thanksgiving, knowing that they came from your own personal market.


Written by Emerson Heflin

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