Curb Appeal Counts

According to HGTV, 88% of potential home buyers begin their search online, which means that their decision to pursue your property relies entirely on the snapshot of your home’s exterior. For a potential buyer, their first impression is formed the second they pull up to your home. Curb appeal counts more than you might imagine, and with just a few tips, it is possible to liven up your landscape to quicken the selling process. Days of driving around the neighborhood eyeing “For Sale” signs have been replaced with virtual home-buying, allowing the picture of your house to be shared all over the web. The first impression can no longer be made in person; rather it must be established before an interest is even formed. The snapshot of your home’s exterior says a lot about the detail and character on the inside, so when capturing the scene, make sure you are showing the best version of your house. Try to think back and remember when you were the buyer- take note of what made yo…
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