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Adventures in Real Estate Maze

Buying a house can be quite an adventure. This is what I realized when my wife and I went out to buy our own first house. We started with our own ideas of what we wanted in a house. We then consulted some real estate brokers to help us find the perfect house. Most of the houses that we saw were nice in their own way. However, they did not match up to the perfect house that we had in mind. Moreover, we were in no hurry to spend that kind of money on a house that was not up to the standards that we had set for it. So we looked around some more, and finally found the perfect house. And that was just the beginning of our adventure.

Buying the house without external help was out of the question. So we went to a loan provider to check out the available home loan deals. Then we went to another loan provider, and then to another and another. After making innumerable rounds of loan providers, we finally found one who would give us a great deal. After all, we did not wa…

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Homes in Freehold

One of the oldest towns in New Jersey, Freehold was originally home to the Lenape before being discovered by John Cabot in 1498. Though initially claimed by the Dutch, the British would take Freehold by the seventeenth century and begin settling there by 1664. By the beginning of the American Revolution, Freehold had become a hotbed of patriotic activity. The Declaration of Independence was proudly proclaimed from the steps of the Monmouth Courthouse just hours after having been signed in Philadelphia and by 1770 the Sons of Liberty were actively recruiting in the area. Though Monmouth County would fall under loyalist control in 1776 following the Battle of Long Island, the 1778 Battle of Monmouth would free the county once more after columns of British troops crossing through Freehold were ambushed, leading to a massive, days-long battle between British forces the Continental Army. It was in Freehold where Molly Pitcher famously manned the cannons after her husband fell in…

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A New Program To Assist First-Time Homebuyers

Studies show the dream of homeownership is becoming a reality for a growing number of Americans.

For example, according to the 2005 Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies State of the Nation's Housing Report, minorities are making inroads into all housing market segments across the United States.

This trend is expected to continue with minorities making up a growing share of the homeowner population with each successive generation. The study reveals that nearly 35 percent of all first-time homebuyers are minorities and more than 40 percent of all renters are minorities-these could be or will be the homeowners of the future.

Companies in the housing and mortgage industries are taking notice of this trend and are making efforts to meet the needs of today's prospective homebuyers.

"Mortgage lenders need to have people who reflect the communities they serve located in the neighborhoods that we want to serve if we want to inspire p…

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