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How to Determine Home Building Costs

Determining home building costs can be a difficult thing for anybody to do. There are so many factors that go into home building costs that it can often times be a task in itself to even come up with an estimate. But if you know what factors go into home building costs, you will then be able to better estimate your total price.

The first thing to do when trying to estimate home building costs is to find similar houses in the area. Find a home in the same area that has the overall look and size of one that you want to build. By doing this you will then be able to get an overall estimate in no time at all. For example, if the home you are looking at is selling for $200,000, and the cost of the land is $20,000, you then know that the construction of the home cost approximately $180,000. Of course this is not an exact science, but by following this basic rule you will be able to get an estimate of the home building costs.

Home building costs are often ti…

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Homes in Sea Bright

Upon first arrival, the thin strip of beach that is Sea Bright appears almost Atlantean, a town having emerged from beneath the sea, presumably with some urgent message for the land. Flanked by the Shrewsbury River and Atlantic Ocean, a tail emanating from the shooting star of Sandy Hook, visitors are quick to discover that Sea Bright is indeed the small package good things come in. This potential was nearly missed, however. Sea Bright remained all but uninhabited until relatively recently. It was only in the late 1830s that fishermen began setting up shacks on the dunes, forming a small but hardy community called Nauvoo. Around the same time, developers sought to capitalize on the area’s twin beaches and easy fishing. Ocean House, the area’s first hotel, was opened in 1842. Fishermen and hoteliers alike both continued to prosper, prompting the state to build the Shrewsbury River’s first bridge in 1870, connecting Rumson to just above the very bottom of Sandy Hook. Now seam…

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Homes in Brielle

Coquettishly ducked behind the Jersey Shore proper, Brielle peaks over the shoulders of Manasquan and Point Pleasant, a verdant suburban community on the corner of the Manasquan River. Originally Lenape hunting grounds, Brielle became a part of Shrewsbury Township in 1664 when it was first chartered. Settled first by farmers and fishermen, the famed Union Salt Works opened its doors here in 1775. Salt being a crucial preservative in the days before refrigeration, Brielle was one of the only sources of salt in colonial New Jersey aside from British imports. It was with this in mind that loyalists raided Brielle in 1778, clashing with the vastly outnumbered patriots before burning the Salt Works to the ground. Like the young United States itself however, the Union Salt Works was rebuilt within a year and remained defiantly in operation for the duration of the war. Throughout the nineteenth century, Brielle was repeatedly subdivided, joining Howell Township in 1801 and then Wa…

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