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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is one of three main types of real estate. This type of real estate has to deal with real estate property solely used for business purposes, such as office parks, restaurants, and malls. There are four different types of commercial real estate leases with each requiring different responsibilities of landlord and tenant. A gross lease lets the tenant pay only rent, and the landlord pays for property tax, insurance, and maintenance. A single net lease requires a tenant pay rent and property taxes.  A double-net lease requires a tenant pay rent, property tax, and insurance. Lastly, a triple-net lease pay requires a tenant to pay rent, maintenance, property taxes and insurance. Investors are greatly encouraged to invest in this type of real estate and here are some of the reasons to do so. Commercial real estate property always garners a higher rent per square foot than residential real estate property and therefore commercial real estate property is…
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Guest Room Upgrades

Whether you are staging your home in preparation to sell, or just trying to improve the space for your overnight guests, these decorating tips can elevate your spare room to a luxurious escape.  

 Swap out your hanging hand towel for an array of smaller towels

Add a scented candle or fragrance diffuser 

Have a nightstand and bedside light 

Provide some extra toiletries 

Include a bouquet of fresh flowers

  These simple tips will effortlessly transform the room and will make your guests feel like they are vacationing at The Ritz!
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Front Door Feng Shui

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging your environment to attract peace and harmony. The feng shui principles of your home are based on the balance of the five elements, (wood, fire, water, earth, and metal), as well as the direction your home faces (south, east, north, and west.) The front door is considered to be the most importance aspect of your home's feng shui, as it determines the quality of energy entering your home. The most auspicious color of your door is based on the direction your home is facing. Whether you are selling your home or are just ready for a new paint job, whip out your compass and check out these colors for good fortune:  

East Facing Door 

The feng shui element of the east is wood. If you have an east facing door you should gravitate towards earthy tones like green or brown.  

South Facing Door

The feng shui element of the south is fire. …
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